Doctor Who ?

In an infinite Universe, anything that can happen *will* happen…

…the thing about Time Lords is, if they are even remotely possible, and if the Universe is in any possible sense infinite, or for that matter if there might just as likely exist a potentially infinite plenum of parallel Universes, the supporting technologies and hyper-intelligent (possibly – hyper-dimensional) beings somewhat indistinguishable from such Time Lords could be a matter of statistical inevitability. Not so strange when considering technologies and civilisations on a spectrum of evolution aligned to the proposed “Kardashev Scale”.

When considering how young our own technological civilisation is and how rapidly we have begun accelerating, consider a species a mere thousand years ahead of us, or a million, or a billion – what does that even mean ? This is clearly not merely stretching the upper limits of plausibility within our contemporary paradigms and parameters of comprehension, but also of intelligibility on some vast and asymptotic metric of unutterably complex technological sophistication. The upper echelons of the Kardashev Scale imply hypothetical entities so far technologically advanced that they may perhaps become indistinguishable from nature, from reality itself.

In an infinite Universe, anything that can happen will happen and will happen an infinite number of times.  This is a mathematical fact.

I do not personally possess any religious faith beyond a nagging agnostic doubt concerning a pure and ultimately bleak rationality, perhaps itself an inevitable consequence of an existential denial or otherwise instinctive organic avoidance of mortality that we all to some extent share. It is however fascinating to consider that extraterrestrial entities of such extreme technological sophistication as to appear to be god-like to us human beings must surely remain a statistical possibility and even within the logical boundaries of the apparently finite, 2 Trillion galaxy Universe we appear to inhabit.


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