If it has become (all too painfully) obvious that bureaucratic inertia and the endemic stagnation of administrative hierarchies everywhere is a global problem and everywhere apparent, this tells us something about the nature of the issue. That is not to say (as so many people do) “oh, that’s just the way it is everywhere” and then knuckle down to frustratingly and ineffectually dig away in our own little corner of the globally interdependent and interconnected administrative and bureaucratic labyrinth.

When something is problematic, acknowledged but also is everywhere apparent it can more sensibly be interpreted as symptomatic of an underlying malaise and intellectual corruption or ineptitude. These failing systems and bureaucracies have for so very long been working towards the singular goal of their own self-perpetuation without considered analysis or comprehension of the very real, very important “long game” of global systems efficiency and effectiveness.

The essential globally apparent nature of these kinds of issues illustrates something essential about their constitutive nature, that is to say – there is something of a logical or systems-theoretical and distributed axiomatic error of thought or interpretation at work in our global systems. It may also, to me – ironically, be of the nature of such holistic analyses that it is not possible to resolve these issues piecemeal or in individual bit-sized innovations. The problem is paradigmatic, distributed globally and only a similarly paradigmatic, globally distributed response can in any sense hope to lead us somewhere better. What ontological entity or conceptual revolution that necessary systemic metamorphosis might actually be, that is another issue…

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