There is no anchor of necessity and analysis always terminates in incompleteness and emptiness…

The self is like an origami crane which once unfolded reveals itself as merely being the blank sheet of paper that it always was…

The psychological, experienced self is so deeply intertwined with the world from which it accumulates and aggregates its sensations, ideas and general experience that it is in itself actually profoundly empty and void, not in any emotional or quantitative sense negative but certainly insubstantial, contingent. This aspirational self-hood is reflexively defined by the experience and internalisation of the collective narrative and shared cultural, social experience – the internal depth is a direct reflection of this notionally external complexity but this outside influence is an aggregate field and cumulative effect or sum total of all those interdependent, interrelated and aspirationally individual nodes…

There is no anchor of objective or rational necessity and for this reason analysis must always terminate in incompleteness and emptiness.


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