In itself, the world is really quite simple. Yes, there is immense complexity, staggeringly vast Cosmic distance, deep historical depth, strangeness, novelty and a beautifully self-generating sophistication to the Way of things but our fatal error is in assuming that there is intrinsic meaning in all of this.

A simple creature, bound within a temporal stream as we are, finds itself living a rich symbolic life supported by myriad narrative inventions, of beginnings and notional teleologies and idealised (or ideological) end-states. Even the failure of our many aspirations to provide sufficient foundational explanation or unquestionable mythological certainty merely feed a certain pathological directedness and reflexive self-justification for this curious, illusory and blossoming experience and memory of subjectivity we share and each also personally cultivate.

I often find myself drawing bizarre theorems and narratives upon the existential possibility space of my experience, knowledge and memory. Imagine that, by virtue of some transformative collective presence and shared or cultural (essentially now – Global) subjectivity, interiority and psychological depth that we are all in the process of becoming, or have already become one, single, unified and massively distributed organism. All just different facets of one brilliant crystalline, pulsating and dynamic matrix of interdependence and shared, interpreted, creatively translated reality. This could never possess implicit meaning, it is a purely structural and relational conjecture built upon the facts of our shared participation in whatever exactly it is that is going on here.

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