Problem-solving Tools

A method for creative problem-solving in which the focus is to some extent removed from the problem under analysis. Displacing the conceptual toolset to intuitively selected texts, papers and articles as a heuristic practice…

On the topic of creative problem-solving and the cultivation of useful (personal or shared) conceptual vocabularies:

Seeking creative solutions to complex problems has no possible (or even plausibly) singular, unique and definitive method or framework from which to ascend into or successfully navigate any particular abstract problem-space. My own approach is to consider an issue through the lense or filter provided by intuitively-selected, qualitatively-related studies or books. I am currently using multiple texts of varying complexity and vintage as the heuristic (i.e. problem-solving) toolset in a specific and seemingly intractable problem-space. Concepts and solutions have a tendency to percolate through the current contents of working memory – what you read or study actively shapes and reflexively influences the decisions and conclusions you arrive at on any particular issue.

Pictured: Canadian pianist Glenn Gould.

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