Where have all the Big Ideas gone?

Global problems require Global solutions but a unified approach to shared problems is nothing if not conspicuous by its absence. Key issues here are that ineffective solutions supporting and cultivating piecemeal or reductive and iterative engagement with such complex, distributed problems are the primary artefacts and policy idioms that tend to percolate to ascendancy through […]

culture heuristics

Meta-Heuristics: solving the problem of problem-solving

Working under a holistic, meta-theoretical framework of “what is the central similarity or notionally gravitational and logical pivot ?” of explanatory systems introduces multiple considerations of Epistemology and Ontology…


Problem-solving Tools

A method for creative problem-solving in which the focus is to some extent removed from the problem under analysis. Displacing the conceptual toolset to intuitively selected texts, papers and articles as a heuristic practice…