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Multidimensional Heuristics

Multidimensional heuristics are those forms of analysis that, rather than attempting a cumulative or brute force aggregation and hard interpretation of data, seek recursive logical insight through intuitive reconfiguration and subtractive recombination of existing patterns. It is true that our minds and acquired or entrained cognitive methods, as much as the procedural artefacts and coded […]

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Ecological Logic

A holistic logic is discontinuous, non-linear, enigmatic and – in the face climate change – mandatory.

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Enigmas of Ecological Problem-Solving

The non-linear cognitive flexibility and diverse conceptual vocabulary required to describe the complex problem-space of environmental and ecological complexity is also the heuristic practise with which we might seek to successfully address it.

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Disentangling Cognitive Biases

Cultural and cognitive information systems (and the individuals they inhabit) are implicitly oriented towards the systemic self-replication of patterned complexity.

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On Stupid Ideas and Clever Solutions

Countering stupid ideas proves to be a matter of some subtlety and intelligence…

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Heuristics: Organisational Entropy 001

Organisational systems are as subject to the exigencies of thermodynamics as are any other material systems…

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Meta-Heuristics: solving the problem of problem-solving

Working under a holistic, meta-theoretical framework of “what is the central similarity or notionally gravitational and logical pivot ?” of explanatory systems introduces multiple considerations of Epistemology and Ontology…


Problem-solving Tools

A method for creative problem-solving in which the focus is to some extent removed from the problem under analysis. Displacing the conceptual toolset to intuitively selected texts, papers and articles as a heuristic practice…



The act of writing is the creation of the concept and idea, the production of a thought in stored form as potential energy…