Look before you leap…


The majority of ideological (and by inference – political) positions are not so much assertions of any well-thought, intelligent evaluation of facts as they are a displaced attempt to bolster psychological defences against implicit existential insecurity. Political affiliation is at first a matter of blind reflex or attachment to cultural tradition or values and through this demonstrates a caricatured, abbreviated and simplistic tribal seeking of meaning-through-purpose and value-through-participation. Having selected from a pre-existing ideological menu, it is then possible to retrospectively seek rationale and justification for those now proudly-projected assertions of identity and group-membership. These reasons and constructed narratives supporting belief and opinion are themselves subject to a broad spectrum of sophistication and intelligence and are usually under any extensive analysis demonstrably unjustifiable. Some political positions remain, however, far less justifiable than others; the extent to which these assertions fall on one side or another of the grand ideological dichotomies is itself a matter for further foundational analysis.


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