Gullibility and Ignorance

With or without reasons, we tend to fly on autopilot and by instinct alone…

Limited awareness of the details, history or consequences of supporting or asserting any specific ideological or political position indicates an intimate bond between ignorance and gullibility. A poorly structured logic for why any particular belief is asserted tends to favour the broad brushstrokes of jingoistic, populist leadership method. If a demagogue can offer you a simple message which makes you feel valued and part of a vaster cultural identity and purpose, you do not need to find reasons for your subsequent belief – they can be assumed, adopted or retrospectively fabricated. If that same demagogue can not offer you sufficient or coherent reasons for their own belief, the lack of justifiable rational foundations does not interrupt the continuity of that psychological need for participation and reflexive identity-construction which first drew you to their message. A moth does not require any specific logical reason or sensible justification for reflexive attraction to naked flame and is quite happy to proceed with limited information or awareness of consequences beyond any satisfaction implicit to satisfying instinctive behavioural impulse.


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