Philosophy of Organisation

Much is made of the technology of business and indeed of the business of technology. It seems that a glaring omission in all of our digital adventures and (let’s face it – selfish) strivings is that of anything even vaguely resembling an adequate Philosophy of Organisation.

Organisational philosophies and various, invariably grotesque and simplistic epithets and anthemic narratives of self-promotional value-seeking are caricatures and poor attempts at generating organisational presence and worth. A Philosophy of Organisation is that dynamic, amorphous constellation and creative recombinatory matrix of possibility, not a pure and reductive calculus of what can only be measured and reported up some hierarchical food-chain. The abbreviations which eventually arrive on a decision-maker’s desk, filtered and contorted in interpretation and translation or abstraction from the organisational reality they reflect – these place a burden of executive insight and analysis for which there is rarely any optimum organisational or systems-solution.

Our organisational systems at all levels quite simply require more (useful) creativity, more freedom, more life and less conflict. This represents a non-trivial Global challenge of existential as much as economic or political consequence. Systemic transformation is the only sane, logical path but the one thing that institutional and administrative hierarchies and bureaucracies do best is to maintain intransigent strangleholds upon the discourse and conditions which produce their own apparent necessity.


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