Where successfully arguing a point becomes more important than being correct, it doesn’t really matter (or at least have tangible influence or effect) at a cultural level when you actually are correct. Truth is critically important but suffers endlessly under the burden of transient appearance, presentation and superficiality.

I enjoy thinking and aspiring to contingent truths on diverse matters but when I find myself dropped into a snake-pit of competing personalities, I wonder if the effort and personal psychological or emotional cost of confrontation and pointless friction of aggressive debate is offset by any potential achievement or intellectual reconciliation. That is my experience; I wonder how many truths and insights have been tragically trampled under the stampede to fame, wealth and self-importance.

It may not ultimately matter all that much except that the personality-type predisposed to belligerent competition may not always be inclusive of the reflective properties required for authentic synthetic analysis and recombinatory conceptual creativity. Everywhere Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit is celebrated but simultaneously, it is shackled and bound by the psychological conditions and preconceptions of division, confrontation, egoism and selfishness.

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