Humanity: Havoc or Hope ?

Humanity requires a singular, unifying goal…

Grand benedictions are generally comical and more often faulty but late last night on an early-morning “bathroom stop” (- where else do revelations so frequently occur ? ) it occurred to me that humanity requires a singular goal. Be that becoming an Interstellar and then Galactic presence and civilisation of effective species-immortality, generating advanced technological civilisation and a concomitant world harmony or more indistinctly just not seeking fictional individuation through endlessly refined difference and confrontation, we need one single and unifying goal to get beyond the current civilisation bottleneck of hyper-competition and conflict.

Even if that one goal were (and relatively simply) just the process of seeking and cultivating the possibility and conditions conducive for the emergence of healthy dialogue towards that uniting goal and purpose, it would still be something useful and positive. It really does seem that there is no current unifying principle on the horizon and that if there were, it would very likely require a mischievously clever construction, communication and message-delivery to get it past the psychological and institutional censors which stifle and suffocate most innovation and creativity at inception.

In the graphic novel The Watchmen, Ozymandias defined a strategy for collective unity through generating an external horror to which humanity would have no choice but to unite against. I doubt very much whether fear and aggression can ever be an effective solution to the problems of fear and aggression. It may just be (and sadly so) that the beauty of the concept of a united humanity is inversely proportional to its realisability.

The coming storm of climate change may just be the final test of our collective psychological, cultural and political maturity: are we destined by our failures of compassion and intellect to devolve into conflict and fear or are we able to overcome petty indifference to work together and overcome daunting odds ?

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