This is how it starts: the heatwaves, the droughts, the fires, the extreme weather. I realise we have have for reasons of conscience to drag the morons and the luddites along with us (kicking and screaming, as they are) into a post-industrial world but it is perhaps coming to a point where the luxury of holding absurdist pretensions concerning Climate Change and all cascading Anthropocene consequences are no longer pardonable fantasies. I assert: the changes are already upon us and will only continue to accelerate and our world, our very human world, of value and meaning is little more than a fragile crystalline structure, brittle and prone to fracture and spontaneously-catastrophic structural disassembly.

I don’t consider this a lost cause; questions as to humanity’s collective capacity and aptitude for directed, purposeful metamorphosis at a global and holistic organisational-systems level seriously need to be articulated immediately as matters of the gravest existential significance. It is a serious issue of quite probably civilisation-extinguishing proportions.

As Rome burns, Nero fiddles


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