Perhaps some of NASA’s collective intellect could be gainfully applied to global organisational systems analysis and the cultivation of effective methods of governance and democratic continuity. Currently, there is a rather poorly-simulated US CEO unfurling inarticulate and episodic errors of judgement and failures of intelligence like ragged, torn and soiled toilet paper across history’s grand cartography.

When a democratic system is capable of allowing a complete bumbling incompetent to represent themselves: every action, every retraction, every failure to comprehend the gravity of situations and of consequences – this all becomes a framework of self-propagating democratic disassembly. In terms of information warfare or psychological operations (i.e. politics by “other means”), it does not take a seasoned journalist nor a tenured professor to extrapolate that the currently-tenured US President is not only the worst thing that ever could have happened to US democracy, but he is also potentially the worst thing that ever could have happened to the very idea of democracy. And he just keeps happening. Republican disingenuity notwithstanding, I am utterly flabbergasted that the United States has let this circus and political clown-car go on for so long. Some problems require more than just the reshuffling of deck chairs, they require the rebuilding of organisational systems at an axiomatic level of analysis.

That the systems of executive selection should be such as to percolate such utter inadequacy into ascendancy in any political system says a great deal about the errors and fallacies implicit to that system, as much as to the broader culture or information and communications zeitgeist in effect at this (transient, yet consequential) historical inflection point.  Where the production of an entity becomes more important than the intrinsic or mandatory quality of that role, hyper-commercialism reaches its own necessary conclusion.  As a distributed property of methodology for social and political continuity-maintenance, quality seems to have long ago been flushed down the cistern of quantitative mass-production and through the filtered lowest-common denominator of an empowered but poorly-informed and serially-manipulated public opinion.

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