Is Your Inner Narrative You ?

That little voice inside your head – is that really who you are ? That reflective, incessant narrator of self…

Context: The inner voice

This inner narrative constitutively is you… but this inner narrative is also the source of much (if not most) confusion. Seeking an irreducible identifier or lexical anchor of self to thread and weave into those interior narratives is only ever contingent, transient and at best – fragile. While ego psychology may have sought to strengthen this narrative continuity it is founded upon something of an implicit thermodynamic (and informational) cost intrinsic to inventing, cultivating or maintaining such an internal narrative continuity.

A logical problem is in that an assumptive focal point of continuous self is so deeply anchored upon an extended and circularly-referential semantic field that while your inner voice may indeed be you, it is also so foundationally dependent upon external factors that its internal coherence and continuity is profoundly illusory. By all means, enjoy that internal narrative and song of yourself for those few years in which its apparent possession provides direction and meaning to life, just don’t expect to ever find anything tangible or final upon which to ground or confirm and irrevocably prove this constantly shifting interior narrative landscape.


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