There are no “Creative Types”

We are all, each and every one of us, “creative types”.

It is in the categorisation and projection of a taxonomy of types, of the identification and overlay of social or economic roles and hierarchically-ordered personality or cognitive kind, that we assert creativity as being a rare orchid not attainable by all, some strange nebula or artefact of uncommon insight and inductive intuition that is always “other”, “over there”, a property or possession of creative “types”. We are all creative, it is how intelligence, sentience and self-organising emergent complexity functions, at base.

Much might me made of the manifold ways that through our institutions, our organisations, our vocationally-oriented educational paradigms, the ways that in narrowing focus towards a precise mission or discrete constraint, we inhibit the endemic creative aptitude of material, biological, cognitive and cultural systems that flows through us, as us.

We are all creative already; it is the meat grinder of conventional wisdom and a blindly-repetitive, continuity-seeking uniformity which drains this innate, living, exploratory talent from us.

We are all, each and every one of us, “creative types”.

One reply on “There are no “Creative Types””

Your post certainly resonates with my way of thinking. We all are plenipotential in our capabilities. Arbitrary social boundaries typecast us for our life scripts, though some of us break the shackles of social roles and types, and what passes all too easily for common wisdom. The fact that we stay put in our unlocked cages is one of the great tragedies of our species.

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