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Compared to Climate Change, Brexit is trivial

Compared to Climate Change, Brexit is small cheese.

Context: Climate more pressing than Brexit, say 71% of Britons – poll

A rising tide of popular concern preempts the rising seas and an as yet indeterminately catastrophic cascade of atmospheric (and associated geopolitical) turbulence. To be honest, and acknowledging the deep psychological and economic investment in variegated tribal identities that defines us all, Brexit refines and redefines a concept of futile atavism. It is an ideological throw-back and appeal to a mythology of certainty, psychological and territorial closure in a world for which we now know these concepts are at best contingent and at worst – mere fictions.

The game of political self-interest that we observe in motion here is akin to a game of chess. There are rules, logical axioms and the diverse traditions and legacy theorems of political, ideological and economic strategy at work. As futile as it may ultimately be, Brexit is a provable theorem within the rules as the game currently exists. However, the extended context and dramatic upheaval of the relative atmospheric planetary stasis that we have enjoyed in the last 10,000 years is ending. In this sense, yes, Brexit and for that matter pretty much all adversarial and self-interested geopolitical shenanigans are small cheese. The chessboard is on fire.

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