When we close our eyes…

Broken symmetry…

This is what we all see when we close our eyes and look deep inside.  It is imperfect, discontinuous, fractured and incomplete.  This is also why it is beautiful.  The world is a broken symmetry and imperfect self-reflection and this is exactly why there is diversity, complexity, creativity and life.  Some things can only manifest as the presence of an absence of their own unity and this is why so many of us feel so sad at times.  The world, or at least – the human world, can not admit it’s vulnerability and insecurity, it’s deep discomfort at it’s own impermanence and an eternal, shapeless interior disconnection and difference.  We are all imperfect and different, lonely outsiders without a reason or a permanent home in a rapidly changing world.  The beautiful emptiness of this world and within our souls is also the unity that binds us all.

3 replies on “When we close our eyes…”

Indeed, and in this directionless oblivion of wonderful freedom we must necessarily, it seems, find ourselves as Rebels without Applause. That is the cost of both wisdom and freedom and I suspect, after all is said and done, this should probably reveal itself as a sound investment.


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