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Levelling-Up in the Civilisation Game

It is a little hard not to feel somewhat dispossessed and saddened by the arc of catastrophe that human history traces in time. There is some essential adversarial turn in psychology and nature that provides and requires the entropy from which new forms of thought and life are able to emerge. We come to depend on this turbulence in ways that are distributed both creatively and destructively across the whole form and flow of our social systems and our nascent unitary Global civilisation.

In as much as we can all intuitively understand that peace and harmony are the greater good, we find ourselves individually and collectively falling back into ancient aggressive tribalisms. We endlessly reinvent and cultivate the means by which dissonance and unproductive disruption continue to percolate up through our social, economic and political systems. There is no true oversight or control and understanding of how best to negotiate the problems of this world, there is only the endlessly futile and cyclical parade of rolling disaster, superficial comorehension and aggregate human confusion.

The secret sauce is: we do not produce this world so much as it produces us and while we might shape or influence the course of nature and civilisation in some small or directed way, it autonomously finds its own better solutions. Letting go of a certain amount of parochialism and control is key to working in (and with) holistic systems theory and a mature contemporary comprehension of complex systems. We have painted ourselves into a bit of a corner here – what needs to be communicated is also that which by being entered into our systems of political or public and media discourse will tend to assume the form of yet another game of difference and argument which will do little more than propagate that same game without net positive effect.

It seems that we can only understand and communicate in terms of binaries, polarities and difference but it is well overdue to seriously, conscientiously seek the effective heuristics of Global Unification. There are solutions here but the adversarial game as it stands is one which is far more successful at self-propagation than it perhaps ever could be at “levelling-up”.

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