Hollow Beautiful

We are at times in danger of being so swept away by the symbolic, cultural and affective psychological tokens, artefacts and accessories of superficial beauty that we all might become little more than the hollow shells and vessels upon which these idioms and abstractions seek their own autonomously self-propagating continuity, through us and as us. […]

Alien Anthropology

Broken Machines

The image in the mirror of the world is that limited comprehension and linear system by which we might successfully (or at least partially) render our own selves. Taking our own projected image and anachronistic mechanical logic of causal intent or purpose as being a self-evident and unquestionable intuition of the way the world functions, […]


When we close our eyes…

This is what we all see when we close our eyes and look deep inside.  It is imperfect, discontinuous, fractured and incomplete.  This is also why it is beautiful.  The world is a broken symmetry and imperfect self-reflection and this is exactly why there is diversity, complexity, creativity and life.  Some things can only manifest […]

Philosophy Psychology

A Fascination with Broken Things

Broken things and imperfect people are often far more interesting than are complete and whole ones…