Soothing Nature

I find nature and natural vistas to be relaxing in pretty much the same way that sitting by an open fireplace or listening to the sound of rain at night outside my bedroom window is a soothing experience.  There is something intimately reassuring in the continuous sparkle, flow and hum of nature and of the autonomously self-propagating material systems and oscillating cyclic regularities that exist all around us, and as us.  This afternoon I sat in a park on the grassy shore of a lake and contemplated infinity.  A probabilistic play of light upon the random waves is dazzling, hypnotic and is also a profound reminder of an exquisite mathematical depth in physics and the intricate sensory cornucopia of our perceived, shared reality.  I found myself wondering, as I often do, just what it might be that inflates the equations and logic of this world with such a profound experience of symmetry, beauty and emergent complexity of sentience and nature.

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