Innovation War: Competition, Crime, AI and Security

This is a fascinating domain of analysis: artificial intelligence, cyber security and cyber crime are locked in a spiralling arc of mutual interdependence and reflexive self-definition, an evolving symmetry of mutual causation.

The accelerating hyper-inflation of this logical space is complex, dynamic and non-linear.  Asserting core self-organisational principles or symmetries of the self-evident Complex Adaptive System of this context is reasonable.

Non-trivially complex information and energy-processing systems possess endemic biases towards self-organisation and the recursive cultivation and replication of logical methods of self-propagation.  When assessed as a Whole (i.e. gestalt) rather than as opposing, discrete or individuated systems, entities or artefacts – one of the most interesting things to observe is that the technology, the logic and the self-propagating adversarial rationale of this complex, interdependent ecology are the key benefactors.

Competition and difference in biological systems drives procedural development of optimally concise algorithmic heuristics.  The abstractions and integrated material artefacts of this particular (distributed) battlefield are cultivating the methods and homeostatic rationale of their own autonomous self-replication and ongoing refinement. 

While we very much live through information and communications technology, and on a spectrum from gurgling babies and cave paintings through to quantum internets and autonomous spacecraft, there is a real sense in which it also lives through us. Beyond the narrow cognitive narratives of individual, organisational or national self-definition – the rapidly evolving and autonomously self-propagating logical metamorphosis and contested information space of technology, Artificial Intelligence, crime and security is an integrated and holistic (if abstract and distributed) self-organisational system.

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