Alien Anthropology


Fear of missing out is much deeper and more challenging than the superficiality with which it is commonly portrayed. At some level we are all aware that we have very little effect on this world, that despite our starring role in the narrative theatre of our own life – we have almost no influence or effect on that grand narrative of culture and history within which we find ourselves and from where we obtain meaning and value.

Beyond the furthest depths of Cosmic time and space for which we could never have any bearing or consequence, there is that rather simpler matter of the very limited tenure any of us ever has in this world. Life is short – FOMO may not be so much, at base, about what we might miss out on while we are here, it is that dark and unsettling awareness (perhaps unique to our species on this planet) that there is always going to be so very much more time and space, people and places that we will not – can not – ever experience or be a part of.

It is the fear of Cosmic inconsequence which drives us to so many foolish thoughts and actions. There is no simple solution other than that an attachment to the idea that our lives should have intrinsic meaning or consequence is itself an artefact and entity of a particular cultural time and place. Being inconsequential and an instance of embodied nothingness is not a burden – it is freedom.

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