Yet another “Crisis in Cosmology”

More cosmological enigmas are upon us. The statement that “disparate observed properties of the Universe appear to be mutually inconsistent” is awesome. It is endlessly entertaining that we are all so constantly surprised to discover that these discontinuities and (apparent) logical enigmas arise. When they do emerge as artefacts of observation, it suggests that radical axiomatic reconfiguration and/or inversion is imminent, or at least not too far away.

Procedurally-generated cosmological models which align or correlate to technical or technological levels of sophistication do not necessarily “create” observed cosmological topologies and properties so much as they inversely (and Anthropic Principle-like) “select” from all those possibilities that remain relatively consistent within an interior (i.e. logically-inflected) surface defined or derived by the progressive explanatory sedimentation and persistence of all previous samples (i.e. algorithmically optimal, “successful” theories) or cross-sections of the state space. That is one hell of a sentence, but given 10^500 possible global topological configurations of the laws of physics, I’d say we have ample cognitive and syntactical room to manoeuvre.

More details: What Shape Is the Universe? A New Study Suggests We’ve Got It All Wrong

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