Artificial Intelligence and an Archaeology of the Present

While we are able to cultivate semi-autonomous technical solutions that provide insight into material records of communication and – through them – a historical sedimentation of the self-replicating complexities of culture and cognition in information-encoding logic (as language), we seem a little less able to apply those same technical solutions to untangle the challenges represented by the hyper-inflating entropy and referential spaces of technological abstraction and information-encoding logic(s) in our own era.

What might we uncover if we were to (recursively) apply artificially intelligent pattern-recognition to the artefacts, systems and distributed, self-propagating information-encoding and communications entities of the early 21st Century? It is possible, perhaps probable, that the underlying threads of information and energy-processing we inhabit are computing properties and solutions radically other than what they might at first (superficially) appear to be producing.

Artificial Intelligence might provide just that necessary and aspirationally objective difference and distance to a contemporary world through which an equivalent (or comparable) archaeology of the present might occur. It may be true that our own meanings and grammars continue to elude us.

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