Unanswerable Questions: Science, God, Infinity

Michelangelo, Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, 1510, Vatican. 

Michelangelo’s Divinity reaches back from an artfully-obfuscated human cranium and brain to create Adam. It is indeed at the level of (such) Universals – in which questioners become objects of their own self-introspection that we observe an endless referential circularity and recursion without end.

Foundational work in logic and mathematics suggests that all aspiration to epistemological closure is more a product of culture and psychology than of reality; the deep and utterly baffling phenomena of sub-atomic physics are perhaps the most concrete material manifestations of this.

Could it be that a lack of unity, a lack of causal explanation, and the conspicuous absence of demonstrable proof is itself an indirect nod towards what such a proof might actually be? Ascending an asymptotic arc towards an infinite summit, it is useful to remember that there is more than one way to count and there is more than one kind of infinity [Cantor’s (“diagonisalisation“) proof].

Unanswerable questions provide by contradiction the proof of their own intangible, mysterious and endlessly-extensible, self-inflected logic. If nothing else, it ensures that life, philosophy, science and logic remain indefinitely interesting.

Context: Can Science Rule Out God?

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