Turing, Undecidability, Adaptation and Cancer

Alan Turing’s proof of the undecidability of non-trivially sophisticated algorithms is sufficient reason for:
• the autonomously adaptive, complex information strategies of life; and,
• the intractably problematic and recursively non-terminating information transcription of cancer.

3 replies on “Turing, Undecidability, Adaptation and Cancer”

Yes. It is unsurprising. Also: Turing’s solution distilled elements of Gödel’s, I believe, and used a cleverly recursive proof by contradiction.

Universal debuggers are logically impossible. This pretty much enshrines the inevitability of endless bugs and breaches but there is something deeper regarding logic and entropy in the kernel of this problem. There is a core blind-spot here that in disentangling will complicate this context by orders of magnitude; an intuition…


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