Pandemic Metamorphosis

Pandemic metamorphosis is upon us all and among all the darkness and tragedy there will be new life. Patterns of behaviour carry us, much as does language, in many ways much more than we could ever carry, possess or assert control over them and regardless of these fragile egos we are all compelled (as Subjects […]


Turing, Undecidability, Adaptation and Cancer

Alan Turing’s proof of the undecidability of non-trivially sophisticated algorithms is sufficient reason for:• the autonomously adaptive, complex information strategies of life; and,• the intractably problematic and recursively non-terminating information transcription of cancer.

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Ecological Logic

A holistic logic is discontinuous, non-linear, enigmatic and – in the face climate change – mandatory.


Rethinking Conflict

Coming conflicts will be won by those who can most effectively, efficiently, continuously and adaptively rebuild themselves and their ways of life through successful negotiation and engagement with the recombinatory logical evolution of information and energy from which biology, humanity, technology and civilisation have emerged.

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The Utility of Ambiguity

It appears that a degree of ambiguity may be an inverse function of the generalised utility of any concept.


Fragile World

We unwittingly construct the monsters of our world – the narratives and resonant fields of culture and information (or energy) flows which create by inversion and psychological projection those things we fear and which threaten us, psychologically or materially…