Impenetrable Online Encryption: Logic Seeks to Differ

An encrypted internet for all? An impressive technology, to be sure, but the nature and the essence of this game of information assurance and technological systems is surely that – not only does a ratchet up the ladder of sophisticated security add complexity (and an associated information entropy regarding degrees of freedom) to a context – the indefinitely extensible nature of logical systems entails that this does not so much leave the vulnerabilities and the threats behind but, rather, shapes the probable arc and trajectory of these trailing vectors as an inverse function of defence.

We always take our shadow with us, on a logical level and this is (also) most certainly an evolving syntax, grammar and contextual rules-set which has no final destination – on either side of the developmental, procedural castle moat of Cyber. Measure, counter-measure, counter-counter-measure and there is always an extension, a recursive insight and a way over the castle wall.

Context: Get ready for everything you do online to be encrypted

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