Organisation Philosophy Psychology

The Implicit Value and Logical Depth of Cognitive Diversity

Cognitive diversity represents that useful, recombinatory information entropy from which insight and innovation assert and reproduce or replicate themselves. A subtle, adaptive balance between self-propagating continuity and incessant metamorphosis is the source of as many evolutionary wonders as it is of the abstract information origami of psychological, cultural and technological enigmas with which we are all endlessly confronted.

Beyond the inertial brakes and self-gravitational fields of ideological narcissism or aggregated partisan tribal affectations under which we all suffer, a sweet-spot of complex emergence and spontaneous self-organisation manifests, exists, endures. This is the presence of absence, of logical negation and indefinitely-extensible structure and system extensibility; material multiplicity is directly offset by logical negation and the hyper-inflating and endlessly-extensible possibility-space of logic (ergo mathematics, possibly physics).

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