Instagram is really quite a strange façade…

Instagram, a virtual wonderland of beautiful faces and spontaneously zany lifestyles, creative activity and the broad spectrum of human positivity. A strange place, in many ways – not because all of these pastimes are particularly pointless or hollow – but because, even while the Global pandemic stalks us all and threatens to forever change this world, so many seek solace in the shared narcissism of endlessly-blossoming social and cultural identity-construction.

Beauty and creativity should indeed be celebrated but it is probably no new reflection that in the shadows, in our moments of darkness and doubt, when we wake up at 3 a.m. in a cold and frightened sweat – poverty, old age, sickness and death stalk us all. Underneath an effervescence of sparkling entertainment and joy lies a deep truth and the more we decorate and embellish the facts of reality, the deeper and darker becomes the emotional fall when we (finally) embrace the pointlessness of it all. Have a nice day…

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