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Language is an Operating System

Language is something of an operating system. Language also represents a self-propagating, abstract information system – much like culture or socioeconomic reality – that inhabits us just as much as we inhabit it. Human beings, technologies, artefacts and communication systems are the medium through which this linguistic entity manifests and self-replicates.

The resilience of this information system (of language) is provided by the many ways in which it is encoded as a distributed entity across *the entire system surface* in which it is an active component. Dialects, regional differences are not only spontaneously emergent cognitive or cultural creativity. They are the implicit presence of a holistic self-organisational principle.

The whole logical pattern is in some sense present in each of it’s instances. A recombinatory recursion which inflates the possibility of such autonomously adaptive information systems necessitates the introduction of usefully turbulent difference or entropy as encoding errors. Language is in this sense functionally discontinuous (as is cognition).

To further understand what language actually is and how it constructively self-propagates, we need at first to surrender our assumptive central role. Language implicitly resembles genetics.

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