Little bird, broken wing: the enigma of self-inflicted trauma

It is in these things never so tragic as to know or intuit what self-inflicted pain or suffering might be masked from those who suffer but not to be able to help them in any way. I have been through this experience of failed compassionate aspiration several times before and it is emotionally and mentally […]


Beauty is a Joy and a Forgetting

Beauty is such a strange sadness to a wise beholder. Truth, wrapped in youth like those blossoms that in aging inadvertently aspire to become the hollow frames or elder coccoons to which their own pattern or tapestry in time must trace an inevitable descent and unforgiving trajectory. We celebrate the flower, the spring growth and […]


Instagram is really quite a strange façade…

Instagram, a virtual wonderland of beautiful faces and spontaneously zany lifestyles, creative activity and the broad spectrum of human positivity. A strange place, in many ways – not because all of these pastimes are particularly pointless or hollow – but because, even while the Global pandemic stalks us all and threatens to forever change this […]



If we lived forever we might never value what time we have…