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Retro Stylings in Art: What was Old is New Again

When so much contemporary art – as with politics and ideology – survives and thrives on a pure and insubstantial superficiality that is profoundly hollow, fragile and ultimately meaningless, this art demonstrates a deep stylistic and aesthetic value and enduring emotional, psychological impact. I truly love this work – it is evocative, alluring and conceptually, passionately seductive. The eloquent linework, the implicit depth and living motion of harmony-in-curvature and the vibrant maturity of a streamlined pallette and graceful treatment of the subjects – all are a resonant pleasure and unrelenting joy to behold.

It is instructive as to the extent that these glorious artistic lines and curves are located within an art historical tradition that informs and infuses a unique style and idiom. This represents a continuing lineage of pattern and form, a living thread of representational eloquence. It is intriguing how art evolves, how there is no terminal point, and how there is always a new way to structure a thought, a concept, a reality. Beyond superficialities of historical, political or cultural moment and ideology, of time and place the life of art is the life of our minds and it is a rare and precious beauty in a Cosmos that neither expected or planned any of this aesthetic or sentient presence.

The first image (above) is the reinvention of the classic Soviet styling featured below. The artist is Shubina. Visit her Instagram profile to see more:

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