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Curatorship: Creativity is not Bounded by the Borders of an Artefact

Observe: the creative node in a cultural network – the artefact, the object, the concept – is never the terminal boundary of the artist’s endeavour. The contour and flow of living information systems in minds and cultures are dynamic and adaptive; the life and boundless complexity of an artefact is that cascading field of consequence and influence that ripples like resonance through a broader community. This is the role of the curator – as interpreter, translator, channel and contour for all that potential energy (stored or encoded as information and experience) that lies there in art and associated ideas.

The recursive self-replication and effectively irrepressible flow of energy and information never stops at the edge of the canvas, the sculpture, the event or the museum and gallery – the extent of this living thread and branching tree of experience and influence is a measure of both the intrinsic power of (the) art and of the intellect and skill of the curators who allow it to most effectively communicate itself.

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