Epidemiological Entropy: Modeling Coronavirus

Uncertainty (and it’s irreducible twin shadows of proliferating information and entropy) represents an implicit logical discontinuity in, and of, information systems.  This is the central abstract artefact around which complex systems self-gravitate, accelerate, self-replicate and autonomously self-propagate in, through, and as internal system structure and environmental information and energy flows. This recursive entanglement and adaptive self-inflection is a foundational material and functional symmetry of biological complexity and it is also the distributed medium of it’s (own) environmental self-propagation.

A logical bootstrap underlying self-propagating, complex information systems inflates the degrees of freedom that allow (and necessitate) an emergence of indefinitely-extensible biological structures. This systemic openness provides useful conceptual insights into how to most effectively address a Global epidemiological and socioeconomic crisis. Diminished certainty in this context does not at all represent a narrowing horizon of possible analyses or actions.  Uncertainty multiplies the sum total of all possible solutions by many orders of magnitude and that is our key enigma right now.

Context: Modeling coronavirus: ‘Uncertainty is the only certainty’

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