Coronavirus Inquiry Stand-off

See the source image
Disagreement on an inquiry is easy but the benefit is shared
making this is an unnecessary standoff for all stakeholders.

Context: Coronavirus inquiry tensions leave WA farmers fearing
more China tariffs after barley hit

Nothing quite invokes trust as does authentic accountability and undifferentiated transparency. Questions as to the Global or regional presence or absence of such transparency are as fractious as they are important. The international society of states (such as it is) currently finds itself in an exceptional set of circumstances and, as a consequence, this moment possesses as many opportunities as it does risks.

The costs of any particular instance of requesting transparency is very easily tied to the requirement that all stakeholders seek to maintain such an expected high level of integrity, in perpetuity. Is this the actual source of the key dissonance and disagreement here?

It is interesting to note that the discussion, rhetorical diffusion and difference that exists around the inquiry is itself partially obscuring the importance of the goal here – that is, to find out what happened so as to do our very best to ensure it does not reoccur.

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