Coronavirus, Dr. Li Wenliang and the Implicit Fragility of Authoritarian Political Regimes

While it is true that there is no such thing as a perfect political system, some forms of social organisation clearly possess greater resilience than others. This current epidemiological catastrophe is clear evidence of the implicit failures of authoritarian information control. The mechanical, austere logical function of authoritarian states generates deep fragility in their…

Active Measures: information, physics, influence and censorship in cyberspace

It is interesting that active intervention, interdiction and an assertion of ideological self-interest through campaigns of enthusiastic (technologically-facilitated) censorship are probably the most expensive and least efficient ways of achieving information-centric goals. It is like attempting to cool a building by adding cold air - far more expensive in terms of energy, resources and information-processing…

Premonition of Civil War

The underlying momentum of evolving material logics, symmetries and information systems seem already oriented towards incurring dissonance, difference and entropy as an autonomous method through which their own accelerated logical metamorphosis self-propagates.

Can anyone own the moon ?

If personal subjectivity is a reflection of an internalised concept of ownership and property, what happens if it turns out that neither individual identity nor notions of ownership are, beyond a very limited and historically or culturally contingent sense, actually real ?