Twitter Tests Trump’s Tall Tales

Unrelated image is unexpected.

Context: Trump threatens social media after Twitter puts warning on his false claims

The dissonant entropy of salient adversarialism finds optimal self-replication through staccato bursts of semi-coherent linguistic superficiality and Twitter is a weapon of choice.  If the primary medium of transmission could even plausibly be extinguished, an entire operating model and communications strategy (such as it is) would falter and find itself extinguished like a flame without oxygen.

What is more interesting here is that the threat conforms to a general (inadvertent or coincidental) operating model of endless paroxysm, of an oscillating pan-directional aggression that requires it’s Object(s) of dissonance, difference and a caricatured bundle of dissociative cultural pathologies to continue to exist. If the primary transmission medium of contemporary political information system(s) is the rampant partisan antipathy and misanthropic adversarialism of the political culture itself, as I suspect it is, the technology is incidental.

Doubling-down on this technology as a focal node (or rather – network edge) of critical significance is a weak hand to play but then, this contemporary game and opportunistic grammar is one at core of an invocation of privileged rage. Perceptions of censorship are so easily manipulated and the (information) entropy of salient anger is currently the only game in town, it seems.

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