Alien Anthropology

The Implicit and Hidden Weaknesses of (Digital) Authoritarianism

Context: Strong Yet Brittle: The Risks of Digital Authoritarianism

There are quite probable logical and (by extension, mathematical and) distributed material or socioeconomic, not to mention strategic, senses in which a strict adherence to unwavering and inflexible closure and continuity must necessarily create the conditions of inevitable, eventual and/or accelerated structural disassembly or decline. A pathological assertion of inflexible axioms of control will always and necessarily incur a non-trivial cost:
• strict and inflexible self-definitions and their associated psychological aspirations of control invoke a necessary and intractable shadow-presence in, of, and as the system’s logical complement, it’s own negation;
• unwisely discard the naturally-occurring systemic flexibility of conceptual diversity that provides endemic properties of structural resilience and continuity;
• sociotechnical systems autonomously refine optimal solutions for their own continuity by engaging the irreducible entropy that is heir to complexity – harnessing natural information and energy-processing flows instead of fighting them.

The pathology is even more troubling. Such aspiration to closure or control finds itself trapped in accelerating free-fall around the Objects of it’s own self-definition and negation.

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