Alien Anthropology

On Orwell

The persistent value in literature such as Eric Blair‘s seems, to me, to be substantively – if counter-intuitively – abstracted from the political filter through which it may (or may not) be interpreted. While we seem collectively unable (or unwilling) – and much to my own chagrin – to just “get beyond” and “get over” the adversarial futility of a partisan-political process that does little more, long-term, than effectively reproduce the inefficiencies, grammatical games and unwitting necessity of it’s own turbulent self-propagation, the persistent presence of such literary artefacts provides a conceptual platform from which we might at least obtain some consolation as to the bigger-picture of historical flow and form.

If we might ever aspire to resolve, synthesize or transcend the utterly chaotic schisms of our own time, it is invaluable to assess not merely the facts, but the second-order facts (and metaphors) of semantic ambiguity within and as which art or culture evolves. Any interpretation or fiction is a fact no less than the facts which are or might be metaphorically rendered through it. We should not merely seek to think, but to understand how better to do so and it is from art and culture that we might obtain direction.

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