Why the UK Government stumbled on a timely pandemic response? It’s not what you think…

Context: The Covid-19 Catastrophe; Covid-19: The Pandemic That Never Should Have Happened – review

An interesting article, skimmed, but honestly – we shouldn’t waste excess quantities of spilled ink or time on what is really quite a simple problem. That is: the grammars, games and mechanisms of political selection and government installation of and for those who would make these decisions in times of dire need were never, ever optimised for generalised aptitude, intellect or competency.

Those popular, political and overtly simplistic ideological selection tests are always and already much more about the self-propagating continuity of the political grammars and games of selection aesthetics than they could ever be about cultivating adaptive perspicacity, functional utility or overall strategic competence in leaders.

This may not always have been the case – and *that* is where comparative historical analysis of deltas comes in – but we currently have integrated political and democratic selection mechanisms which are fine-tuned for the replication and installation of those forms of decision-making that best self-validate their own tenure (regardless of partisan affiliation) over an aptitude to negotiate the complex realities with which we are actually and serially faced.

The normative reality is not the necessary one.

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