Why the UK Government stumbled on a timely pandemic response? It’s not what you think…

Context: The Covid-19 Catastrophe; Covid-19: The Pandemic That Never Should Have Happened – review An interesting article, skimmed, but honestly – we shouldn’t waste excess quantities of spilled ink or time on what is really quite a simple problem. That is: the grammars, games and mechanisms of political selection and government installation of and for […]


The Ghost Ship of Organisational Mismanagement

…and what is the Marie Celeste, the Ghost Ship of lost management, other than a rudderless and listless vessel, a Ship of Theseus, revisiting the misinterpretations and confusion of the Elders upon their progeny? It is of course simpler to copy, to replicate, to adhere to the blind grammar and rules-based “but this is Best […]