Einstein’s Time ran out…

Einstein couldn’t quite close the loop on his unified field theory. One reading of a hybrid montage of Algorithmic Information Theory, Kolmogorov Complexity and the (Incompleteness) consequences of logical self-containment in any self-describing system suggests that we may end up with more attractive offices (or desktops) and blackboards but that we, too, will all end up somewhat less than fulfilled in the final analysis.

Perhaps that is the point – there is not an actual end-point and the assumption in itself is more representative of (a) reflexive psychological and linguistic teleology than it is of reality.

It might be somewhat to kick the hornet’s nest to suggest that such indefinitely-extensible logic and counter-intuitively discontinuous continuity is the nature of the world.  Considering the gradual and seemingly inexorable drift of theoretical map into observational territory – is it really all that catastrophic a conclusion to acknowledge that there might always be more, new configurations and Baroque curlicues of sophisticated complexity in mathematical abstraction, or indeed, that in discovering such entities that we might also in some profound way create them?

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