Cyber: The House Always Wins

Cybersecurity: what’s your game?

Is cyber security a complex game?

Of course, it (i.e cyber) is all a game – of probability, of information entropy, of indefinitely-extensible logical or material systems and of successfully negotiating the vast and hyper-inflating, self-gravitating referential spaces of technology, communication and psychological or socioeconomic and ideological motivations that provide momentum here.

To attenuate an analogy to breaking point: if cyber were a game (and not in any necessary Nash equilibrium sense) and if we might under the same rubric assume that “the house always wins”, then what is the house, what is the Casino within which all of this adversarial complexity plays out?

The laws of physics predestine us towards thermodynamic equilibrium in both micro and macro and this has a role in understanding the metasystem at work but endemic orientations towards emergence suggest more here. “The house” is the gestalt totality of all autonomously self-propagating information systems that effectively and adaptively recreate themselves through constant competitive metamorphosis. As a function of all this metasystem self-propagation in, through and as information systems, artefacts and entities – we might seek new and fruitful conceptual approaches to, and as, this domain.

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