The Necessity of Proliferating Vulnerabilities: a General Philosophy of Cyber Security

Compressed: It is something of an inevitability of both logic and of physics that the more components a material system has - including the diverse and recombinatory abstractions and logic of algorithmic, information and energy-processing (i.e. computational) systems - the more disordered states of entropy that are also possible, indeed - probable within and as…

The March of the Immaterial Abstractions

A patterned liquid probability and abstract symmetry of information flow. The form and flow of this life and logical information space we inhabit is as much a matter of what we are not as what we are; we are manifestations and expressions of that life beyond us as much as that within.  There exists a…

Social Reorganisation: Lessons from Physics and Nature

All ordered organisational systems are engaged in an endless competition with (and of) disorder and entropy; it is a race to weave order and patterned persistence from available resources while the other end of the tapestry continuously unravels into largely unrecoverable waste and loss. These organisational systems aspire to a relatively stable or constructively adaptive…

Mind the Gap

Our systems of logistics and commuter transport derive the abstract, symbolic value and benefit of logical continuity from their function just as much as the commuters do.

Cyber Insecurity: Endless Breaches

Context: New Data Breach Has Exposed Millions Of Fingerprint And Facial Recognition Records: Report There is an enigma here, far beyond the rank foolishness of keeping vast quantities of such sensitive data in an unencrypted format (see the linked article), there is a deeper problem. The more valuable any data is, the more incentive there…

Rethinking Conflict

Coming conflicts will be won by those who can most effectively, efficiently, continuously and adaptively rebuild themselves and their ways of life through successful negotiation and engagement with the recombinatory logical evolution of information and energy from which biology, humanity, technology and civilisation have emerged.

Human Intelligence 2.0

A characteristically long and wordy waffle on the topic of human intelligence, the cognitive hyper-extension of technology, an iterative fracture of grand narrative into abbreviated artefacts, unconscious biases and a Global turn towards authoritarianism.