Imagination is Living Logic


Imagination – that recursively self-inflected and indefinitely extensible system of undirected grammatical, cognitive or structural exploration and visualisation; it is very similar to a logic, mathematics or physics that itself autonomously expands (albeit in abstract, interior spaces and through us as symbolic codes) and endlessly seeks optimally concise self-representations, abstractions, higher-dimensional compression, self-gravitation and algorithmic recursion.

Imagination is not exterior to mathematics and logic, it is of it, and we all have a direct channel into it sitting there like a hidden cortical jellyfish of shimmering neuronal electric symmetries and emergent complexities of energy and information-processing (i.e. computational) pattern, right there – between our ears.

The limitations we all have, the vulnerabilities of human intellect are simultaneously our strengths and not everyone needs to be a Richard Feynman, a Marie Curie, an Emmy Noether or a Kurt Gödel to shine like a stellar supernova.  Everyone has it, in one way or another and it is probably only cultural context, limited self-belief and personal experience which inhibits the natural expression of this light.

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