Imagination is Living Logic

Imagination – that recursively self-inflected and indefinitely extensible system of undirected grammatical, cognitive or structural exploration and visualisation; it is very similar to a logic, mathematics or physics that itself autonomously expands (albeit in abstract, interior spaces and through us as symbolic codes) and endlessly seeks optimally concise self-representations, abstractions, higher-dimensional compression, self-gravitation and algorithmic […]


Technological Innovation: Blue-Sky Dreaming

Context: Graceful robotic swifts take flight in latest Festo demo Fascinating technologies. We should perhaps not be all that surprised when these technologies approach (if asymptotically) the neurophysiological and anatomical metabolic efficiencies and long-evolved adaptive aptitudes and spontaneous information-entropy-generation of living systems. Work is already and clearly being done in this area. Long-range blue-skies thinking […]

Alien Anthropology

Endless Possibility

So, here’s the thing: most people don’t want to wonder about the deep mysteries of existence – not because it takes a lot of effort to disassemble the reality we perceive of as ourselves, as others and the world. Quite the opposite – most of us try to avoid questioning the truth of the reality […]


Censorship, Entropy and Mephistopheles

As a general observation on censorship, redaction and purposeful obfuscation: Information Theory indicates the extent to which strings of symbols bear useful or valuable information and this is measured by the probabilistic entropy and literal surprise of that salience. An enigma of redaction is that, while the extraction of prominent or revealing features of narrative […]

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Catastrophy Beyond Imagination

Some dawning realities are so vast that we do not even have words, let alone cognitive methods, to characterise or represent them. Climate Change is one of these realities.


Justifying Imagination in Science

What can an education system starved of funds really do in the realms of blue-sky thinking and grand academic omphaloskepsis ?