Hidden Geometry of Life in the Cosmos

Galaxy NGC2835

Beautiful… and the fact that these spiral symmetries are ubiquitous as (a) most energy-efficient method of maintaining adaptive structural complexity is magnificent. There are abstract, logical corollaries of this. Interesting how life possesses similarities to abstract geometric patterns like this – adaptive systems that (soliton-like) autonomously self-propagate by the sustainably continuous information and energy-processing gradient between internal structural complexity and entropy displaced (offset, outsourced) to an environment.

These abstract, logical symmetries are everywhere and seem inevitable as a consequence as much of logic as of physics – life is a (non-ergodic) sub-set of them. Curious, also to observe that the ontological vacuum by which “pure” abstract mathematical entities autonomously “seek” higher-dimensional pattern, compression, abstraction and structure bears similarities, again, to the material symmetries of optimal energy and information-processing efficiency. There is a (mathematical) identity here.

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