Alien Anthropology

Blah… politics… information… blah…

We inhabit distributed sociopolitical information systems that play out logical symmetries (i.e. of mathematics, physics) through the transmission medium of aggregate human agency as behavioural (essentially cognitive) micro-systems of and as decision-making machines. Does the transmission medium (i.e. human agency, volition, free will) drive the system or does the system almost entirely and autonomously self-propagate through a transmission medium (of agents) that is always and already “primed” for difference (and dissonance) as a foundational property of self-definition and political – if not core psychological – self-identity? Is the indeterminacy (i.e. tendency towards near-stalemates) of such large-scale distributed systems a function of the fact that such uncertainty and poorly-defined end-states are the most effective solutions, not so much to political decision-making in either the micro or the macro-scale, but to an effective, autonomously self-propagating and sustainable continuity of the complex sociopolitical information system itself?

These systems most efficiently and effectively self-propagate (in gestalt) through the conflicted transmission medium of persons and tribes they (quite foundationally) inhabit.

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